Fox 38 Factory 29" 170mm E-MTB Tuned

When you need to go really big, reach for the Fox 38 Factory. Optimized for 160-180mm of travel, the Fox 38 redefines what you think a long travel single crown fork is capable of, and sets a new benchmark for confidence, performance, and durability.
  • FOX’s e-MTB Tuned forks feature the same chassis as the standard forks except with a custom damper and air spring tune for the slightly different ways in which e-MTBs are ridden as compared to standard MTBs.
  • The new floating axle provide much smoother suspension movement throughout the entire range of the fork’s travel, notably improving sensitivity and overall ride quality.
  • Lower leg bleeders allow for atmospheric pressure equalization at the simple press of a button.
  • The arch design of the all-new 38 is designed to pair perfectly with modern Enduro and Downhill bikes.
  • The 38’s elliptical steer tube is one of many ways we’ve further optimized stiffness-to-weight, placing more material only where it is needed, and eliminating every ounce of it where it’s not.
  • GRIP2 damper is the benchmark for unparalleled ride quality and ultra-precise adjustability.
  • FLOAT EVOL technology increases negative air spring volume, optimizing small bump sensitivity. EVOL’s linear spring curve delivers plushness off the top, extra mid-stroke support, and more tunable bottom-out progression.
  • Factory Series products feature slippery smooth, ultra-durable Genuine Kashima Coat.
  • Fork offset : 44mm
  • Maximum rotor size : Up to 230mm compatible
  • Axle : 15QRx110