Electric Road Bikes

Discover our electric road bikes: cutting-edge technology and aerodynamics for peak efficiency and speed. Ideal for avid cyclists to conquer long distances and climbs effortlessly.

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Discover Our Range of Electric Road Bikes

At E2, we're proud to showcase an outstanding selection of electric road bikes, specially designed for cyclists seeking speed and performance on asphalt. Perfect for long-distance routes and climbs, our electric road bikes meet your ambitions with efficiency and style.

Our electric road bikes, coming from the most prestigious and innovative brands in the industry, incorporate the most advanced electric motor technology into lightweight and aerodynamic frames, thus offering you the opportunity to push your limits while enjoying an exceptionally smooth ride. Whether you're looking for electric assistance to ease your climbs and increase your endurance, or seeking a bike optimized for speed on flat terrain, our collection is here to support you through every challenge.


Key Features of Our Electric Road Bikes

Lightness and Aerodynamics
Our electric road bikes are built for efficiency, with frames designed to reduce wind resistance and maximize speed.

Optimized Riding Position
Enjoy a riding posture that enhances performance and comfort, allowing for a more enjoyable experience over long distances.

Powerful and Discreet Motor
Experience electric assistance that seamlessly integrates with your pedaling, providing a powerful boost without compromising the natural feel of road cycling.

Superior Autonomy
Equipped with the latest generation batteries, our electric road bikes ensure a long lifespan, ideal for achieving exceptional performance over great distances.

Performance on All Routes
Designed to excel on asphalt, our electric road bikes enable you to meet all challenges, from the steepest climbs to the most intense sprints.

Reliability and Durability
Made with premium materials, our electric road bikes withstand the elements and the test of time, ensuring unrivaled longevity and reliability.

Explore Our Extensive Range of Electric Road Bikes

Models for Every Cyclist
Find the bike that matches your riding style and performance goals.

Various Levels of Electric Assistance
Choose from different levels of assistance to find the perfect balance between effort and support.

Options for Every Budget
Our selection includes electric road bikes for all price ranges, without compromising quality or performance.

Why Opt for an Electric Road Bike at E2-Sport?

Expertise and Personalized Advice
Our team of experts is at your disposal to guide you to the ideal electric road bike.

Trials Available
Test different models to find the bike that suits you best before purchase.

Comprehensive After-Sales Support
Benefit from our maintenance and repair services to keep your bike in perfect condition.

Choosing E2-Sport means ensuring unmatched expertise, exceptional customer service, and a commitment to quality and performance. Explore our selection and see how an electric road bike can revolutionize your rides. For tailored advice or to try a bike, book a private consultation.