Electric Hybrid Bikes

Discover our electric hybrid bikes: the perfect balance between urban performance and off-road adventure. Ideal for your daily commutes or nature explorations.

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Discover our Range of Electric Hybrid Bikes

At E2-Sport, we are proud to offer an exceptional selection of electric hybrid bikes designed for those looking to combine the comfort of urban riding with off-road adventure capabilities. Ideal for daily commutes, nature escapades, or a combination of both, our catalog meets all your needs with style and efficiency.

Our electric hybrid bikes, selected from the most recognized and innovative brands in the market, combine the latest electric motor technology with versatile frame designs, allowing you to easily transition from city streets to country paths. Whether you're looking for electric assistance to ease your climbs and increase your riding distance, or a bike capable of adapting to various terrains, you'll find the perfect travel companion in our collection.


Key Features of our Electric Hybrid Bikes

Comfort and Adaptability
With ergonomic frames and adjustable suspensions, our electric hybrid bikes ensure optimal comfort on all types of surfaces.

Ergonomic Seating Position
Enjoy a straight and comfortable seating position for a pleasant ride, even over long distances.

Powerful and Reliable Motor
Benefit from electric assistance that adapts to your pedaling to offer you a smooth and powerful riding experience, even on the steepest slopes.

Exceptional Autonomy
Our bikes are equipped with high-capacity batteries, allowing you to reach impressive distances on a single charge, perfect for long rides or daily commutes.

Suitable for all types of terrain, our hybrid electric bikes allow you to ride on roads, bike paths, or dirt trails.

Durability and Resistance
Designed to last, our bikes use high-quality materials, resistant to weather and wear over time, ensuring a long lifespan and great reliability.

Wide Range of Electric Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid Electric Bikes for Men and Women
Find the model that matches your style and needs.

Various Levels of Electric Assistance
Choose the level of assistance that suits you, from light to powerful.

Multiple Price Ranges
Hybrid electric bikes for all budgets.

Why Choose an Electric Hybrid Bike from E2-Sport?

Expert Advice
Our specialized team is here to help you choose the hybrid electric bike that best suits you.

Bike Trials
Test different models before making your purchase.

After-Sales Service
We provide maintenance and repair for your electric bike.

By choosing E2-Sport, you opt for unparalleled expertise, dedicated customer service, and a commitment to quality and durability. Explore our selection and discover how an electric hybrid bike can transform your travels and adventures. For personalized advice or to try a bike in store, book a private consultation.