Mechanical Workshop

Our workshop offers you a full range of services performed by our highly qualified mechanics. Our fast and personalized service will allow you to get back on your cycling adventures with peace of mind!

Please make an appointment BEFORE coming in-store.

Please note that maintenance delays are currently estimated at 14 days.


    With specialized training and certification, our team is exclusively committed to servicing brands where we possess official accreditation.

    • BOSCH
    • Shimano Steps
    • Yamaha
    • TQ Group
    • Fazua
    • Brose


    Maintaining your bike is crucial to keep it at it’s best condition which is why a tune-up is recommended at least once a year for recreational bikers. For someone who has a higher frequency of use, it is recommended to do shorter maintenance intervals. Our mechanics will be able to make suggestions according to your use.

    The Essential

    Includes :

    • Visual inspection
    • Bolts and nuts tightening
    • Brakes adjustment
    • Gears adjustment
    • Chain lubrication
    • Headset adjustment
    • Tyre inflation and wear check
    • Lubrication and adjustment of wheel hubs
    • Electric bike system update
    • Follow-up recommendation

    Detailed Pricing

    Electric Bike
    Regular Bike
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    The Annual

    Includes The Essential plus :

    • Deep cleaning of the transmission
    • Wheels alignment
    • Electrical component diagnosis
    • Battery performance test as an add-on (+29.95$)

    Detailed Pricing

    Electric Bike
    Regular Bike
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    The Complete

    Includes The Annual plus :

    • Battery performance test
    • Cleaning and lubrication of the headset
    • Cleaning and lubrication of the hub bearings
    • Thorough chain cleaning
    • Thorough cassette cleaning
    • Thorough derailleur cleansing
    • Full wheel alignment
    • Engine block cleaning
    • Connection cleaning

    Detailed Pricing

    Electric Bike
    Regular Bike
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    The Complete MTB

    Includes The Complete plus :

    • Cleaning pivot points
    • Hydraulic brake bleeding
    • 50-Hour fork service
    • 50-Hour shock service

    Detailed Pricing

    Electric Bike
    Regular Bike
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    Suspension Maintenance

    Like the rest of your mountain bike, the fork and shock absorber require regular maintenance. In addition to a good cleaning after each ride, a basic service is recommended by FOX and ROCKSHOX each season to extend the life and performance of your suspensions.

    À La Carte Services

    50-Hour Fork Service 69.95$

    • Lubrication or replacement of dust seals (if necessary)
    • Internal cleaning and greasing of lower legs
    • Suspension fluid replacement
    *Dust seals and sponges not included

    50-Hour Shock Service 55.95$

    • Lubrication & dust wiper replacement (if necessary)
    • Internal cleaning and lubrication of the suspension lower legs
    • Suspension fluids replacement
    *Dust seals and sponges not included

    Full Suspension Service - 150 Hours Starting from 185$

    • Complete fork or shock rebuild performed by our supplier, S4 Suspension

    Gear Adjustment 14.95$

    Chain Replacement 14.95$

    Cassette Replacement 14.95$

    Brake Adjustment 14.95$

    Hydraulic Brake Bleeding 44.95$

    Frame and Drivetrain Cleaning 49.95$

    • Frame cleaning
    • Cassette cleaning
    • Chain cleaning
    • Derailleur cleaning
    • Chain lubrication
    • Derailleur lubrication

    Electrical Update 29.95$

    Electrical Update & Component Diagnosis 39.95$

    Battery Performance Test 39.95$

    Bosch Battery Winterization 29.95$

    Engine Block and Connection Cleaning 69.95$

    • Motor disassembly
    • Exterior motor block cleaning
    • Connection cleaning
    • Motor reassembly to the frame

    Tire/Tube Replacement 14.95$

    For any minor repair, minimum cost is $14.95

    Hourly rate : $79.95

    At E2-Sport, we have your satisfaction at heart and that is why we guarantee our mechanical maintenance service for a period of 30 days following the date of repair of your bike.

    *Parts and installations not included. E2-Sport reserves the right to refuse a bicycle for repair. Punctures and wheel alignments are not guaranteed.

    All bikes in repair that are completed and still not collected within 10 days are subject to a storage fee of $3 per day. All bikes that haven’t been claimed for more than 90 days, will be donated to a charity.