How to store the battery of your electric bike?

When you are preparing to store your electric bike for the winter, there are certain rules to follow to preserve the battery as much as possible.

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Store the battery of your electric bike

Before storing your electric bike for a more or less extended period, it is important that the battery be stored inside your home or garage, if it’s heated.

Keep the battery charged between 30 and 50%

It is recommended not to store the battery either fully charged or completely discharged! It is advisable to keep the charge your battery between 30% and 50% or two to three LEDs on the charge indicator.

After 6 months, monitor the state of charge of the battery. Its level should always be between 30% and 50%. If not, please feed it for a short period of time.

However, if your battery is 100%, it is possible to come to the store and with the help of an electronic system, we can adjust the battery level and put it in winter mode (only available for Bosch batteries).

Store the battery in a dry place.

The battery should not be in contact with the cold. Avoid the shed and plan storing your battery in a well-tempered location (ambient temperature – 5°C to 20°C).

Do not store your battery near a heat source.