Phil's Choice : Cargo Bike Trek Fetch+ 2

Brand : Trek
Model : Fetch+ 2

The electric cargo bike is THE solution to replace a car in everyday life, thanks to its versatility and high carrying capacity. I embraced this new lifestyle when I tried the Trek Fetch+ 2. It’s truly the ideal bike that meets all my needs. At the moment, I use it for my commute to and from work an average of 3 to 4 times per week, and even for running errands when the weather allows. What's amazing is that I only need to recharge the battery a maximum of twice for the entire week, while covering about 30 kilometers per day.

Right now, I have it configured to easily go shopping without the hassle of searching for parking. I can also change its configuration to seat two children either in the rear or front of the bike! What I love the most is that I can ride all around Montreal without enduring the traffic nightmare.

Thanks to the various boxes I’ve added, I can transport up to 200 lbs of goods. That’s a hefty grocery order! Even when carrying heavy items, the bike is very maneuverable and remains stable. With its 500 Wh battery, I can cover a lot of ground (up to 146 km per charge cycle). Truly, everything is well thought out on the Trek Fetch+ 2: the various possible configurations, customizable accessories, integrated lights, and the built-in kickstand that keeps the bike stable while I load the panniers.