5 really practical fatbike accessories

Yes there is the helmet, but there are many other really practical and important accessories in order to fully appreciate each fatbike outing. Here are our team’s suggestions:

Blivet Tire Cover

Blivet is a Quebec manufacturer specializing in fatbike products. If you want to put your fatbike inside your vehicle, tire covers will prevent damage to your car interior. Think about it, some of you have sharp nails on your fatbike tires.


Blivet bottle cover

Even though it’s winter and we feel it less, hydration is a priority. To prevent your water from freezing, you must protect it with this indispensable article.


Covers for your battery and Fahrer motor

The battery cover keeps its internal heat when the temperature is cold. Note that a battery fighting the cold automatically loses 30% to 40% of its charging capacity. The engine cover is also a useful accessory when transporting to keep the engine clean and warm. We like that!


Blivet EVA handles

Blivet MUND handles really make a difference to your comfort. They act as a shield against the cold coming from the handlebars. So, if you’re the hands-chilly type, these handles will make a good difference on your hikes.


Blivet mittens

This may seem unnecessary since you already wear gloves or mittens for your fatbike outings. Think again! VÖK mittens will offer you absolute comfort. By cutting the wind and snow, they will allow you to go out even longer as your hands will stay warm.


Of course, you don’t need all these accessories to perform. However, to try them is definitely to adopt them. They will make your fatbike outings more pleasant and stylish!