Blivet Lofi 5 Gloves

The Blivet Lofi 5 gloves is a simple and unique concept, a ''3 in 1'' developed to maximize the use of each section of the product.

The tip of the thumb finger contains touchscreen capabilities, allowing you to use your devices without taking them off. The thumb has an additional layer of comfortable material to make sure you don't damage anything delicate if you need to blow your nose.

Included : 

  • Outer Shell
  • 1 x 200G Fleece lining
  • 1 x 300G Fleece lining


  • Outer shell materials: windproof polyester and water repellent
  • Interior shell materials: absorbent velvet and windproof, polyurethane film that evacuates moisture
  • Palm materials and ''fourchette'': Highly wear-resistant Amara
  • Printed silicone for a very firm grip
  • Materials at thumb: sensitive to mobile phone screens
  • Thumb padded section for the nose... small and large
  • Elastic band at the wrist and internal pull at the forearm to prevent it from clinging to tree branches around you
  • 15% nylon
  • 40% polyester
  • 45% synthetic leather