Bosch Kiox Retrofit Kit

When used in conjunction with the eBike Connect app, the Bosch Kiox on-board computer offers you a smart eBike experience – perfect for ambitious sporty riders who want to stay connected and well informed while on the move

Retrofit Kit includes:

  • Bosch Kiox Display Unit (BUI-330)
  • Bosch Kiox Compact Control Unit (290mm)
  • Bosch Kiox Display Holder
  • Bosch Kiox Mounting place (incl. magnets)
  • Bosch Kiox Drive Unit Cable (1500mm)

Compatible with:

  • 4th Gen Performance Line CX
  • 4th Gen Performance Line Speed
  • 4th Gen Cargo Line/Speed
  • 3rd Gen Performance Line
  • 3rd Gen Active Line Plus
  • 3rd Gen Active Line
  • 2nd Gen Performance Line CX
  • 2nd Gen Performance Line/Speed
  • 2nd Gen Active Line

** For any purchase of electric vehicle parts, proof of purchase of the electric vehicle is required. This is a policy, internally, to curb stolen electric vehicles.