Bosch Connect Module Smart System

The ConnectModule Bosch Smart System serves as a GPS tracker, anti-theft and alarm system for your electric bike with Bosch Smart System motor.

/!\ The Bosch ConnectModule installation set is only compatible with the Bosch smart system /!\

The ConnectModule Bosch Smart System serves as a GPS tracker, anti-theft and alarm system for your electric bike with a Bosch Smart System motor. It detects suspicious movements of the electric bike, locates it and generates a local alarm (brief and dissuasive in case of light movements - powerful with activation of tracking in case of moving the bike). Data from the Bosch Smart System ConnectModule can be viewed in the eBike Flow app. The "eBike Alarm" (alarm) & "eBike Lock" (anti-theft) functions are activated in the application.

Features of the Bosch Connectmodule

  • GPS tracker for electric bike
  • For Bosch Smart System electric bikes
  • Precise location of your e-bike in the eBike Flow app
  • Flight detection & audible alarm
  • Clean and integrated battery

Note regarding compatibility with electric bikes : on many models of electric bikes, there is not enough space under the engine hood for mounting. Please contact your dealer to find out if the connect module is compatible with your bike.

GPS anti-theft with Bosch Connectmodule

With the Bosch location tracker, you bring more safety to your electric bike. If you have activated the "eBike Alarm" function in the Bosch eBike Flow app on your smartphone, you will always be informed of the suspicious movements of your bike. The ConnectModule not only transmits the location live, it also emits a powerful audible alarm signal. Thanks to the integrated and autonomous 650mAh battery (up to 4 weeks without power supply) the alarm and tracking can work even if the battery of your VAE is discharged. Also use your smartphone as a digital key by turning pedaling assistance on/off only via your smartphone (Bluetooth connection). In addition to this modern anti-theft solution, we still recommend using a conventional anti-theft lock to attach to a fixed point.

Using the GPS tracker for Bosch electric bike

Once installed and connected to the engine, the ConnectModule is fully controlled via the eBike Flow application. You can activate and deactivate the functions of your choice at any time. Twelve months of using eBike Alarm are already included in the purchase price. If you wish to continue using ConnectModule in its entirety after 12 months, an additional fee per year applies.