BMZ Norco VLT's battery

C$1,699.00 C$1,200.00
Article code 02915800-007
* BMZ lithium-ion battery unique to the latest generation of Norco VLT electric bike. It is offered in three different sizes : 540Wh, 720Wh or 900Wh for maximum range.

* The BMZ battery cannot be sold without a compatible Norco electric bike purchased from E2-Sport.

540Wh battery :

The lighter weight is perfect if you want to get out and burn some fast laps before sundown and have less of a concern for maximizing your range. The 540Wh is the lightest Gen 3 VLT battery available at just 3190 g.

720Wh battery :

The mid-weight battery strikes a balance between battery capacity and weight if you're considering a longer, faster ride, but aren't 100% committed to an all-out remote backwoods excursion. The 720Wh provides 33% more range than the 540Wh and weighs in at just 3880 g.

900Wh battery : 

The highest capacity E-MTB battery available, this 900Wh monster obliterates range anxiety, and is perfect if you’re looking for longer, faster adventures. The 900Wh provides 66% more range than the 540Wh and weighs in at 4570 g.