Why choose an e-bike from a recognized brand?

The electric bike being a rather expensive bike, it is important to choose it carefully. By purchasing an e-bike from a recognized brand you will be assured that the electrical system has proven its worth and that the components are of quality.

All the elements have been thought out and adapted to make you comfortable. This is why the position has been drawn according to its engine in order to have a well balanced bike. After-sales service is also a consideration. There is a manufacturer’s warranty and you can order parts for the maintenance of the e-bike at any time.

As e-bike specialists, we have a special relationship with the manufacturers, which ensures that the parts are always available and that our team is always ready and equipped to do the repairs.

Among the biggest brands we sell in stores, we find Cube, a brand originated from Europe, stands out for its reliable and ergonomic bikes.

Norco, who started in British Columbia, has been a pioneer in cycling since 1964 and considers every bike to be unique.

Scott, a Swedish brand that was designed by a founder who was passionate about challenges, constantly wanting to improve the equipment he was designing.

Orbea, a brand that is very widespread around the world, has quickly made its way into the world of e-bikes, having already a good reputation with their traditional bikes, used for the Olympic Games.

Moustache, a brand that was born in 2010 in a small French village and continues to grow. It is now with more than 140 employees that Moustache is making its way around the world. It is one of the rare companies dedicated solely to electric bikes.

Cannondale, which began in 1971 in Connecticut, has made its own way by being the first to work with materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber.

Bulls, of state-of-the-art German quality, now offers its range of electric bikes in more than 12 countries around the world.

Devinci, made in Quebec, offers our reliability. Since 1987, the Chicoutimi factory has been making your electric bikes to give you the best experience on the roads!

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