Top 5: What not to do with your e-bike?

There are some basic rules to follow so as not to damage your bike and protect its components so that you can keep it as long as possible. Here are 5 behaviors not to do with your e-bike:

Même si les composantes électriques résistent aux intempéries, le e-bike n’est pas conçu pour aller complètement dans l’eau! Si jamais pour une raison quelconque votre vélo se retrouve sous l’eau, sortez-le le plus rapidement possible et rendez-vous dans une boutique spécialisée afin qu’un mécanicien puisse en faire la vérification.

Do not completely submerge your e-bike in water

Even if the electrical components are weather resistant, the e-bike is not designed to go completely in the water! If for some reason your bike is underwater, get it out as quickly as possible and go to a specialized shop so that a mechanic can check it out.

Unblock the speed of your e-bike

Several customers asked us this question. Yes, it is possible to “boost” the power of its engine. However, it is strongly advised not to do so since it could damage the electrical components, which would automatically terminate your warranty.

Forgot to secure your e-bike?

It’s really important to watch your e-bike at all times. Some people know the value of the electric bike and that’s why you always have to lock it with a lock. Also remember to remove the battery when moving away from your bike. At E2-Sport, we do not sell batteries without proof of ownership of e-bikes in order to fight the rise of thefts.

Are you leaving your battery plugged into its charger?

Don’t leave your battery plugged into your charger for too long. It could overheat and lose its effectiveness. Since each battery is different, it is important to follow the recommendations for battery storage and maintenance.

Store battery at extreme temperatures

Because the battery is fragile and can hardly withstand extreme temperatures, it is necessary to store it in a place where the temperature is between 0 and 20 degrees, so inside your home or in a heated garage.