5 fatbike destinations in Quebec

It’s always a pleasure to discover new destinations. Whether you are solo, with your family, with a partner or in a group, here are our team’s 5 favorite places across Quebec.

Trails of Oka Abbey

About 45 minutes from Montreal, the Sentiers de l’Abbaye d’Oka will charm families and beginners in this sport. With nearly 63 km of winter trails, you have plenty of fun for a full day.

Vélo Mont-Tremblant

More than 50 km are waiting for you in the Mont-Tremblant area. What we love about this destination is the variety of the playground. Between the 17.1 km flat and double tracks of the P’tit train du Nord and the 25 km of mountain bike trails, there is something for everyone. In addition, access to the trails is free!

Sentiers du Moulin, Lac-Beauport

Here we talk! This destination offers us 2 completely different playgrounds, oh! but how challenging. The Maelstrom area offers exceptional views on 16 km of trails. The SDM sector offers up and down trails as if you were mountain biking. Thrills are guaranteed! As a bonus, you can sip a good beer or enjoy a good meal directly at the reception.

Empire 47 Lac-Delage

What is charming about Empire 47 is also the variety of trails which are really for all levels, with a total of 48 km of trails. You can ride for a long time without ever doing the same track!

Énergie CMB, Trois-Rivières

If you are looking to do a lot of rides in your day, Énergie CMB is your new destination. The climb is easy and fast. It is only 1 km but guaranteed fun. At the top of the climb, you will have plenty of choices for diverse and fun tracks.

Tips for a better experience:

Check the conditions before you travel. The best conditions for riding a fatbike are cold but not snowy temperatures in order to ride as efficiently as possible.