Race Face T2 Tailgate pad

The new Race Face T2 Tailgate pad is made to fit any shape of tailgate, and has an adjustable rear camera panel. Carry up to 6 bikes with no bike on bike crime with raised bumpers and downtube straps.
  • Exclusive to the T2 is the adjustable rear panel that allows for easy adaptation to any rear camera + handle position.
  • Six adjustment straps along top edge of the installed pad provide a fit tailored to your tailgate’s shape - even curved!
  • The T2 features raised bumpers in the truck box that keep frame downtubes in place and secure, minimizing contact while shuttling.
  • Mid-Size Truck (Tacoma/ Similar) - 5 bikes, Full-Size Truck (Ford F-150, F-350 or similar) - 6 bikes.
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