Race Face Roam Knee pads - Stealth

The redesigned enduro-focused Raceface Roam knee ups the comfort and breathability while delivering the same confidence-inspiring protection as its previous iteration.
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Certified D3O® impact protection LP1 foam piece protects your knee and is fully removable for washing. Puncture-proof Kydex layer and TPU skid plate for full send confidence.

Sleeve design is extremely comfortable and excels at temperature management.

A stretch mesh rear panel and integrated perforated elastic cuts down on pressure points and adds welcomed heat management, for all day comfort.

Size chart


  • Thigh : 5.5-16.5" (39-42cm)
  • Calf : 2.5-13.5" (32-34cm)


  • Thigh : 16.5-17.5" (42-44cm)
  • Calf : 13.5-14.5" (34-37cm)


  • Thigh : 17.5-18.5" (44-47cm)
  • Calf : 14.5-15.5" (37-39cm)


  • Thigh : 18.5-19.5" (47-50cm)
  • Calf : 15.5-16.5" (39-42cm)


  • Thigh : 19.5-20.5" (50-52cm)
  • Calf : 16.5-17.5" (42-44cm)

Thigh : Measure around your thigh 10cm (7cm for youth) up from the top of your knee cap with a straight leg.

Calf : Measure around your calf at the widest part. 

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